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Ink Sketches

Currently all into ink sketches.

Sharing here few ink sketches from this month.

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I can feel myself slipping away, fading away, withdrawing
from this life, just as my father did. When the pain you’re in
is so great you can’t think about or pay attention to anything
but your own pain, the rest of the world and all other life
don’t matter.
I think about my friends with dementia, cancer, arthritis, and
how much more pain they are in than I am, but it does no good,
their pain is not mine, and therefore, no matter how magnanimous
I might want to be, their pain is not as important to me as my own.

I never came across a poem, which so plainly states , that my pain is more important than others.

I am aware of this pain, reasons can be ridiculous enough…but it is there. I am aware that, this is emerging as a recurring theme in my paintings.

My sketch from yesterday.

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There must be a Russian word to describe what has happened
              between us, like ostyt, which can be used
for a cup of  tea that is too hot, but after you walk to the next room,
              and return, it is too cool; or perekhotet
which is to want something so much over months
              and even years that when you get it, you have lost 
the desire. 

Yesterday while driving back from work…I felt like stopping my car by the little creek and jot down the thoughts that were coming into my mind. Do I or we romanticize sadness? At what point does it feel that it is leading to a depressive state of mind? I felt that that yesterday I was going down the path of depression and I need to pull myself out of that circumstance. It got to a point were I had literal need to go out and get some air. I am told that as an artist one should take their pain and turn it into art. I can see that happening for a poet, a writer…how does an artist do that?

I came back home and after completing my daily chores sat down to sketch…but with a mind this restless how is one supposed to think…

Sadly the world goes on and one has to give in to his/her duties. All I wanted to do yesterday is sit and watch the dark ominous clouds in the sky.

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Quick passage into
memory and behind
only blank spaces,

blue stain on pink
litmus or merely
known so closely

something falls away
receding from touch,
caught in the air

your fingers move,
agile water-fly
padding the surface

of what is seen
even among these
defractions, bent

pencil or warps
of a flat eye,
the wide world circling.

– Michael Anania

A quite afternoon at Peggy’s cove.