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House in the woods

Glued-on trees alternating with
strips of bricks and little pieces of song
taped up everywhere as green and pink diamonds

Acrylic on 15.5 x 19 inches canvas.



I am an Artist.My love for painting started as a preschooler when I was gifted my first box of wax crayons, it turned into my hobby...gradually I fell in love with watercolors ...a medium with which I have endless fun creating my artworks, I move freely between mediums - watercolors and acrylics, depending on my inspiration for that particular piece of work I do. Inspirations have been from exploring nature and folk arts. I have been painting for a long time, and have held exhibitions in India as well. I have been into textile designing, promoting Traditional Indian Folk art and Hand embroideries on textiles and other mediums. After I have moved back to Canada, I have joined numerous workshops conducted by well known artists in Canada. I let the colors dictate the creativity on paper, I leave it most of the time on the whimsical water to play with the colors and bring the idea that I have on mind on paper. Sometimes it works in one go and at other times I have to stop my work, come back to it after some time with a fresh perspective ...and make it work the way I had wanted initially. All in all, I enjoy the process of painting, the mixing of colors, the gradients, the texture of good grained paper or the tooth of a good canvas. And I do believe that there should be no rules at all. One should be able to play with colors and experiment with different mediums and materials, and enjoy the journey of creativity! (My paintings are signed by my nick name Ritu).Paintings are available for sale unless otherwise stated.

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